Midori is a Japanese brand, founded in the 1950s for the purpose of producing high quality letter paper and envelopes. Since then, they have continued to develop a range of design-focused products, and have now developed into a comprehensive manufacturer of everything paper and pens related. Midori's products are characterized by an unbeatable quality, as well as the distinct Japanese simplicity and elegance. Midori has won a number of awards for its products, such as the prestigious Good Design Award for its MD Notebooks.

MD Diary Sticker M 2024
9.55 EUR 15.92 EUR
MD Diary Sticker S 2024
6.88 EUR 11.47 EUR
Midori + Stand Diary 2024 B6 Navy
12.75 EUR 21.25 EUR
Midori Clip Ruler
14.14 EUR
Midori MD Notebook 2024 Diary A6
10.62 EUR 17.69 EUR
Midori MD Pencil
9.69 EUR
Midori Stand Calendar Cat 2024
11.68 EUR 19.47 EUR
Midori Stand Calendar Dog 2024
11.68 EUR 19.47 EUR
Midori Wall Calendar Cat 2024 L
18.09 EUR 30.14 EUR
Midori XS Cutter
5.25 EUR