Stálogy 018 1/2 Year Notebook [B6] Yellow

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Brand: Stálogy

Stálogy 018 Editor's Series 1/2Year Notebook

Stálogy 1/2 Year Notebook is the perfect choice for those who like the convenience of Stálogy's popular 365 Days Notebook, but prefer a thinner profile. Like its thicker counterpart, it's designed specifically with editors in mind, who use a single notebook for different purposes: scribbling down ideas, organizing schedules, and taking notes. The minimal details on each page makes it possible to use it as a diary, daily planner, bullet journal or sketchbook - or all at once. Easy to carry due to its thin paper. The paper works wonders with fountain pens, but due to its smoothness, it takes a little longer for the ink to dry. Also available in several other colors.

Size:128 × 182 × 8 mm
Pages:192 (96 sheets)

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