Yamamoto Paper Tasting Translucent Vol. 1

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Brand: Yamamoto

The Japanese paper culture is so rich and varied that it can seem impossible to know where to start. Yamamoto's Paper Tasting series originates from this very problem, and their solution is as simple as it is ingenious – namely to address the issue the way wine enthusiasts have always done: with tasting!

This package contains three types of paper in three different sizes, each with 25 sheets each (so 75 sheets).

Glassine (B7)

A paper made from chemical pulp. By applying heat and high pressure, it gets the smoothness and density to produce its translucency. Because it has food safety, it is used as a package of medicine and food.

Tracing paper (A6)

A translucent paper that is made by processing finely beaten chemical pulp. As the name indicates it is used for tracing drawings, but is also used in lighting fixtures.

Kinshachi (B6)

In Japan, jumpaku-roll paper is most commonly used as wrapping paper. It is also used in 365 day calendars and small gift bags. It has a glossy surface and a scratchy back. This unique texture is very typical of paper made by the Yankee machine.

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