What is Komadori?                                                     

Komadori is a Swedish online store that sells stationery from Japan. The name Komadori comes from a type of Japanese robin.

                                                     Do you ship internationally?                                                

Yes! We ship to all of Europe for a fee of 89 SEK (between 8 to 9 EUR)

                                Where is my order sent from?                                                     

All orders are sent from our warehouse in Östersund, Sweden.

                                          When do you mark my order as sent?                                                 

When we handed it in at the post office - never earlier than that!

                                          Why does it say that my order has not yet been sent when I track it at PostNord?                                                 

We understand that it is difficult to wait for your new pens! Packages are often times first scanned at the sorting terminal, which usually takes place sometime between 7.30 pm and 11 pm CEST. In some cases it may take even longer. However, you can rest assured that your items are on their way to you.

                                How long is the delivery time?                                                

In Sweden, it's usually between 2-3 weekdays. For international orders you obviously have to wait a bit longer, usually between 3–13 days depending on location.

                                I'm going to Sweden! Does Komadori have a brick-and-mortar store?                                                

Unfortunately not! Hopefully someday!

                                Why Japan?                                                

The Japanese stationery culture is completely inexhaustible. Komadori's ambition is to make at least part of this culture available to a Western audience.