Pilot FriXion Light Natural (Pack of 6)

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Brand: Pilot

Do you also wish that there was a way to make marks in your course literature or loan books without making it permanent? Not to mention when one happens to mark the wrong thing! With Pilots FriXion Light, you no longer need to wish – the future is already here!  

The heat generated by rubbing the indestructible eraser tip against the paper causes the ink to disappear. As with magic ink, however, you can cause the ink to reappear if you cool the paper below 10 degrees Celsius below zero.

The pens are made of at least 50% recycled plastic (excl. Refill).   

This set contains the colors sky blue, lime green, gray, red, coral, and pale orange.

Can also be bought individually.

Nib width:4 mm
Writing width:3,3 mm