Yamamoto Paper Tasting Blue Vol. 2

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SKU: PT-BL-02-02
Brand: Yamamoto

The Japanese paper culture is so rich and varied that it can seem impossible to know where to start. Yamamoto's Paper Tasting series originates from this very problem, and their solution is as simple as it is ingenious – namely to address the issue the way wine enthusiasts have always done: with tasting!

This package contains three types of paper in three different sizes, each with 25 sheets each (so 75 sheets).

Fritter Soft Blue (B7)

The naming of this paper comes from the fluffiness of a "fritter." Developed in 1991, a wide range of thickness is offered in the 70kg~440kg range. Five additional colors were added to the lineup in 2019, bringing the total count to 11 colors. It is used for business cards, shop cards, pamphlet covers, and packaging.

Halftone Color 99 Aqua (A6)

The protection of personal information is to be focused in recent years. And It has become increasing important the opacity of the envelope. Half Tone Color 99 has 99% opacity by using special filler.

Raicho Color Jumpaku Asagi (B6)

This paper was commonly used to wrap fruits, such as apples and pears, for shipment. In recent years, such use has been replaced by foam nettings. Enjoy the unique writing surface, color, and texture of this pure white roll paper.

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