Pilot FriXion Point Clicker 0.5

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Brand: Pilot

With the new Pilot FriXion Point Clicker, you get the same innovative tip that's already in the hugely popular Pilot Syngergy Point. The synergy tip can – thanks to small pits in the ball – move evenly across the paper for a very smooth experience. Pilot's famous FriXion technology makes it possible to erase the ink with the help of friction. The tip is also – unlike previous models in the series – now finally retractable.

The heat generated by rubbing the indestructible eraser tip against the paper causes the ink to disappear. As with magic ink, however, you can cause the ink to reappear if you cool the paper below 10 degrees below zero celsius.

Although the tip is 0.5 mm wide, the writing width is only 0.25 mm. Refill cartridges can be found here