Yamamoto Writing Pad A5 / Bank Paper Takasago Premium

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Brand: Yamamoto Paper

Yamamotos Writing Pad contains the paper Bank Paper Takasago Premium, developed by Yamamoto Paper and Mitsubishi Paper Takasago Mill. They presented five challenges for the development of this new paper:
(1) The pursuit of a writing paper compatible with fountain pens, (2) The pursuit of a smooth silk surface, (3) The pursuit of ink shading, (4) The pursuit of ink coloration (brightness), and (5) The pursuit of ink dryness for use in notebooks. When looking at these issues from the perspective of paper-making technology, it is clear that they contradict each other. For example, a paper that absorbs ink more slowly will display better shading, but it is not suitable for use as a notebook. The development team at the Takasago Plant successfully solved the five difficult problems by adjusting the raw materials, the size of materials, and the configuration of the press. After repeated trials, Bank Paper Takasago Premium was finally produced at Takasago Unit 4 on September 8, 2020.

Paper:Bank Paper Takasago Premium
Pages:100 sheets
Size:210 × 148 (A5)