Yamamoto Paper Tasting Silky Vol. 2

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Brand: Yamamoto

The Japanese paper culture is so rich and varied that it can seem impossible to know where to start. Yamamoto's Paper Tasting series originates from this very problem, and their solution is as simple as it is ingenious – namely to address the issue the way wine enthusiasts have always done: with tasting!

This package contains three types of paper in three different sizes, each with 25 sheets each (so 75 sheets).

Yamamoto Bank Paper Takasago Premium (B7)

This paper was developed by Yamamoto Paper and Mitsubishi Paper Takasago Mill. They set the following five goals for this new paper: (1) To pursue a writing paper that is suitable for fountain pens, (2) with a silky surface (smoothness), (3) that enhances ink shading, (4) that produces accurate color rendition (brightness), and  (5) that has quick dry times to be suitable for note-taking.

Marshmallow COC (A6)

A paper characterized by its soft touch. With its excellent surface strength, it is used for business cards, invitations, brochures, and general publications. It is also suited for offset printing, indigo printing, and laser printing.

Passepied Cream (B6)

"Passepied Cream" is a book paper that was developed for its smooth texture and case of turning. As paper primarily used in books, the opacity has been increased to prevent see-through of letters on the other side of the page.

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