Traveler’s Company Traveler's notebook – Blue, Regular size (Starter Kit)

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Brand: Traveler’s Company

Traveler's notebooks are specially designed for those who travele. With their convenient format, they are easy to hold in your hand, while you can fit maps and travel documents in the practical and expandable Traveler's notebook system. The handmade leather case develops a nice and unique patina over time. The notebook is held in place with a rubber band, while another rubber band keeps the case closed. This means that you can easily exchange the notebook for another - or extend it with several refills with the help of a connection rubber band.

The included notebook contains Midoris fantastic MD paper, well suited for fountain pens. 

This starter kit contains a leather cover, an extra rubber band, a blank refill and a protective bag in cotton.

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TRC Regular size
220 × 125 × 18 mm
64 (32 sheets)
Blue leather
Blank pages

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