Tachikawa Comic Pen Holder Model 40

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SKU: t-40
Brand: Tachikawa

This is is just a pen holder. That may be so, but that's not so little – at least not if you ask us. Tachikawa's pen holder is equipped with two rubber rings at the far end, which makes it possible to attach various different pen nibs. The rubber rings are in two different sizes, which firmly grips the nibs. So-called comic nibs are especially good at producing strong and clear lines, difficult to achieve with other types of pens. This is also why many manga cartoonists use these. Can be combined with Tachikawas own nibs and inks made for dip pens.

This model has a comfortable rubber grip, and comes with a plastic cover to protect the nib when not in use.

Nibs sold separately.

Length:148 mm
Weight:12 grams
Diameter (grip):11.7 mm