Sakae Tomoe River Loose Sheet A5 White

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Brand: Sakae

This pack from Sakae contains 100 loose sheets of white Sanzen Tomoe River paper - an evolution of the original Tomoe River.

Sanzen is the name of the new manufacturer of the legendary Tomoe River paper, who bought the rights after the previous owner stopped production in 2021 due to a change in business direction. Sanzen has been producing 52g/m2 paper since 1976, and using this experience, they re-evaluated the secret recipe which was a mixture of hardwood pulp (eucalyptus) and softwood pulp (pine, etc.) and reconstructed the quality of the paper for the new Sanzen Tomoe River.

The new paper is 5 microns thicker, and therefore gives a slightly firmer feel, which means it can now handle erasers more easily. The drying time for fountain pens is also slightly shortened.

Also available in other variants and sizes.

Size:210 x 148 mm (A5)
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