Sailor Professional Gear – Moonlight over the Ocean Limited Edition

328.10 EUR
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SKU: 11-1221-220
Brand: Sailor
A full moon rises over the Sea, and the bright yellow moonlight is reflected on the calming evening Ocean waves.

Sailor Professional Gear is a true classic, known for its world-leading 21k gold pen nib. Feel free to combine with any of Sailor's inks.

Sailor was founded as early as 1911, and has now come to define Japanese quality.

Comes with a converter. Note that Japanese fountain pens writes thinner lines than their European counterparts.

Material (nib):21k gold
Material (clip):Metal
Material (body):Plastic/resin
Weight (whole pen, empty):22 gram
Length (cap on):128 mm
Length: (posted):149 mm
Length (cap off):115 mm