Pilot Custom Heritage 92 Black

150.68 EUR
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SKU: 11-1221-220
Brand: Pilot

Pilot Custom Heritage 92 is an excellent introduction to Japanese fountain pens. The body is transparent / black, with a 14K  gold plated nib. Unlike many other fountain pens in the same price range, this one has a so-called piston filler, which means that you fill the pen by dipping it in ink and turning the knob at the end. The advantage of this in comparison with the converter / cartridge style pens is that a piston filler holds more ink (about twice as much), while at the same time feeling more solid. This also means that the pen must be filled with ink from a bottle – and can not be filled with ink cartridges.

Remember not to tighten the piston too hard as it may crack. The pen should not be disassembled   

Note that Japanese fountain pen nibs write thinner lines than their European counterparts.

Material (nib):14k gold
Material (pen clip):Metal
Material (body):Acrylic
Weight (whole pen, empty)20 grams
Length (capped)136 mm
Length (posted)150 mm
Length (uncapped)122 mm