Kokuyo PERPANEP Notebook - Tsuru Tsuru A5 6 mm Steno

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Brand: Kokuyo

Kokuyo's new notebook series PERPANEP has become a huge success in Japan recently. The notebooks, whose name is an anagram of the pen and paper, aim to unite these two elements once and for all. To do this, Kokuyo has developed three different types of paper, all with special properties targeted to different types of pens. The paper in the Tsuru Tsuru books has a ultra smooth texture, which allows the pen to slide across the pages without friction. The notebook opens completely flat.     

This notebook has a 6 mm ruling with a divider splitting every page in two. See more designs with Tsuru Tsuru paper here.                  

The cover contains recycled pulp, and the pages come from forest-certified paper.          

Sara Sara is especially recommended for gel and ballpoint pens.            

For a more balanced texture in the paper, see Sara Sara. If you want a paper with a little more texture instead, see  Zara Zara. 


Pages:120 pages (60 sheets)
Size:210 x 148 x 9 mm (A5)
Paper weight:96 gsm
Binding:Thread and glue