Kokuyo Jibun Techo DAYs Diary 2024 A5 Slim Blue

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Brand: Kokuyo

Kokuyo's Jibun Techo helps you organize almost any type of information you have in your life, such as your days, your goals, and your habits.

DAYs Diary gives you extra space to jot down all your plans and to-do lists for each day – all year long. That must make the calendar thick and heavy, right? Kokuyo has obviously thought things through, which is why they've split it into two books: one covering January to June, and one covering July to December. When June is over, simply take the first book out of the cover and replace it with the second book. The soft vinyl cover is lined with colored paper and has a variety of pockets, so that you can easily carry tickets or loose notes with you. The case also has a pen holder.

The books have a thin, archival-friendly paper of 52 gsm, which of course is fountain pen friendly.

The books have a full page for each day of the year, from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024. The hours of the day are marked in a center column, which also acts as a divider – so you can, for example, jot down events on the left and thoughts or to-do lists on the right.

The books also have an index page at the beginning of each month where you can list your goals.

Additional sections, including an annual schedule to mark important dates, annual overview calendars for 2023 to 2025, space to write down your goals and achievements during the year, and blank lists.

Each book also has blank grid paper at the end for additional notes and sketches.

See the pictures to get a more accurate idea of how the books are structured.

Available in more colors.

Note that most of the content is in Japanese. However, you don't need to know Japanese to use the calendar – all months, dates and section titles are in EnglishAn english translation which you can cut out and bring with you is available here.