Kokuyo Sooofa Soft Ring Notebook B6 Pink

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SKU: SV748S4-P
Brand: Kokuyo

Spiral bound notebooks can be incredibly convenient, but some people still dislike the hard rings that can hurt your wrist or scratch your stuff in your bag. This is where Kokuyo's Sooofa Soft Ring Notebook comes in! Its soft rings makes the writing experience much more comfortable. The notebook also has other refinements that improves the overall experience, such as the penc notch on the cover and the plastic pocket at the back.  

Contains 80 gridded and microperforated sheets of Kokuyo Campus paper. The sheets are somewhat wider than regular B6 paper.

The books is kept closed with an elastic band.

Available in several different colors and sizes.

Pages:160 (80 sheets)
Size:186 x 150 x 13 mm
Paper weight:70 gsm
Weight:189 gram